The strategy of LK Global Pro Shippings is to consolidate its good customer and client service by making timely deliveries of good and cargo clearance for all consignments, develop a good relationship with liners and having a competitve pricing structure. The company’s goal is to become professional one stop logistic (total logistic) services providers.

Marketing Strategy

We market our services as solutions to the many companies requiring cargo to be transported promtly and efficiently. The company’s future marketing plans will be nationwide, emphasizing haulage capabilities for any cargo. The overall marketing plan for services is based on the following fundamentals:

  • The segment of the market(s) planned to reach.
  • Share of the market expected to capture over a fixed period of time.

Sales Strategy

LK Global Pro Shippings base its sales strategy on increasing the sales from its existing customers, and also to target new business. A customer survey has shown that previously LK Global Shipping was losing sales from its existing clients because the company cannot provide certain types of services. The customers have also shown interest in giving more business to LK Global Shipping once the company increases its function to provide forwarding, fumigation and other services. We will notify our clientele of the new services and pitch our services to the new business.

We will further continue our policy of only accepting jobs which can be delivered with be gradually eliminated so that we can provide total quality ocntrol over the services we render.

Key components of our initial strategy

Expand our service

The company is currently working to expand on its existing forwarding service. This will enable us to increase the number of customers we are able to serve.

The company is currently working to become an independent forwarding agent manages its own operations to maintain complete control of any kind of operation to ensure prompt delivery and high-level efficiency.

The company is currently working toward becoming a complete logistics provider under one roof. The management of the company has identified a good customer base that can tap into once all the necessary equipment has been acquired. This will enable the company to service areas outside its current domain and increase profit levels.